Wednesday, December 27, 2006

we did get a house it is a gift from the lord a house that should be falling apart but isn't a house that should feel small but feels huge a house with a double lot a yard with tons of mulberry trees so that once a year i can feel extra resourcefull picking berries. In march we had our baby Estella shalom She is a delight who is just starting to crawl but is desperate to walk. March 19 it was our first home birth we will God willing NEVER go back to the hospital. I was in such hard fast labor that I never processed that I was no longer in false labor. An hour and a half into contractions I was laughing on the toilet pushing a baby out.
I am working a little bit as a midwife just there for the birth of my best friend liz. She asked God for her baby for christmas so christmas day was spent birthing a little love into the world. Aralynn is two now and I don't know how she could nor always have been here she is a girl who will wear her dog shirt ( a pink shirt with a pug thinking about a cupcake on the front) 3 weeks straight but is scared of dogs. She is just starting to talk. Two is great.

We are doing a house church and regular church I have not figured out how to bring the meat of the bible to house church or for that matter what is the best way to bring children in?

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