Sunday, August 01, 2004

Just looking at Andy and bea's blog and remember that we haven't blogged since all things good and wonderful have come to us! Our own Aralynn Isabella Cload was born july 14th at 6:33am and 6.3lb. She's quite perfect and super cute. I still don't know how to post pictures on the blog; Help! I've got a few pictures so if you'd like a shot that may send you into a jelious frenzy give us a a mail and we'll e-post them your way.
Our Aralynn is quiet but expressive for all nessesary things. =hungry, full, wet... we get little happy grunts and churps. Grace hasn't stopped finding new outfits for her making her supper fun to show off. She has dark hair right now( we hope it'll stay) and thick long hands a little like mine, A Grace smile I think and little ears like me. Straight amaizing; We sure love her!
In our last few posts Aralynn had a heart problem. we've given her a 24 hr. heart monitor twice now to see if its OK. we haven't got the latest results but last time there were a few missed beats but generaly good. We are still praying that it'll keep getting better.
Aralynn is New Song, and Isabella is consecrated to God. Her churps and such are super great beginings to living up to her name. We took her to her first blues concert last night. Gospel, traditional blues, and piano solo's.... Pretty great. (she only slept through most of it.) but I'm sure she's getting the rythem.

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