Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Thankyou all for your prayers; Its been nice getting your reminders. Doc says that we need to keep up what were doing and keep on regularly checking up. (Basicaly nothing) This oppinion changes regularly between Doc's and every day we won't know who's plan wins until tomorrow. So One Doc ordered a change to medication, the other on call decided to up the dose of the preveos one. We were suposed to stay in the hospitalfor this change and balancing the new medication, but were not changing so this Doc let us out and it is nice to go home but WHATS BEST FOR OUR BABY? It seems their are alot of solutions and all ok posibilites. So again we will find out are new plan tomorrow, everyday. A little draining but again Jesus is ruler over all rulers and authorities. He must govern the hearts and hands of our local hospital Doctors. Besides that our baby is growing and moving and normal accept for her fast heart rate and irregular rythem. We appretiate your prayers enjoy hearing from you all Thanks
well where do i start... we went back in to the hospital on friday only had to stay till saturday. The best thing about going to the hospital was that they switched my anti-nausea medication to one that worked. The worst part is that we are still in the same place. Right now the medication is preventing heart failure but thats about it. Which in a lot of ways is fine. At the moment I am going in for ultrasounds everyday. People keep asking- so are you going to go to term? will you have to have a C/S? so far it we are not at the end of the line with medications so even if she took a dramatic turn for the worse we would just switch medications and go from there.
Lets talk about something else. aright just kidding my heart is all wraped up in juji's well being. Oh wait I know Mill's church is haveing a cook out on thursday. I love those.
I keep seeing snakes in our yard...yuck. alright I am getting really hot time to find a fan...

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