Friday, April 30, 2004

The end of the month update! Grace is doing well. Our baby girl's heart rythemn still fluctuates. (spelling encouraged by Tyler Brown) We are very grateful for your prayers. House church has been good. I'm looking for a drum for worship if anyone has a clue for me as to where to look? I've been working for Fred Koch green houses and will for a few weeks. Thats crazy work. I AM SO BLESSED TO MAKE MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE! I think I would be stressed and crazy(er) if I had to do this regularly! Thankyou Lord for massage gigs! Makes haveing a family so great and much better then slave labor to keep up with bills!!!
I miss you folks in Texas. I ran into um this is a little imbarasing to forget her name but the family that was from cinci that we meet in England??? well I saw her and the boys at the park; fun to see faces from across the world here. Life is good God keeps on blessing; Oh yes He is the Best!

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