Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We are still at home and being grateful for your prayers. we went to Doc. Dryer's today and found that our little juji is doing better than yesturday but keep praying. We still go every day to get ultrasounds. (Thats alot of Doc. visits.) So that is mostly draining to Grace. Blogging at Tyler Brown's. He's a good friend that lets me hop on his cable conection!!!
Yesturday I sold the FOX. (a super blesssed car to many.) Peter Hicks is the new proud owner; taking it to Georgia with his new fiance'. That brings me down to 5 cars and one more that is permanatly in the shop. I'm sure Grace will be happy to see the drivway reappear. Anyway were still in Cincinnati about to enjoy our first aniversary. If anyonw wants to help me get my motorcycle back on the road I would love them. Its been pretty good weather and its been a tease in the garage.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

April is national Cesarean month which is something I hope not to take part in celebrating. We are doing Ultrasounds every day now. Juji does way better when the level of medication is higher. So now I just need to stop throwing it up and we will be set.

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