Friday, April 16, 2004

Grace is HOME! We are doing Super enmjoying being away from the hospital. We still go 3 times a week to check up on our little juji. Her heart is getting too many signals so we are taking digoxin to slow them down a bit and hopefully balance her rythmn. Ohio is sun shinny and I'm out trying to get more cars sold. God is SO good thanks for all your prayers!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

. Grace is now in the hospital hopfuly for just a few more days 513-872-2930 is her room # I hope just untill wednesday. Our baby's heart wasnt pumping and the arithmia was at 300 beats per min and irratic so we were crazy beside our selves and now we've been at the doctors since wed and have been given digoxin. (maybe not spelled that way) Anyway the fluid build up, has gone down considerably(which is good) and the heart rate is better but still irratic. So we don't know what God is planning for our litlle one but His life plan sure is dramtic!

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