Thursday, February 12, 2004

Being Home is nice. I've got my first Thai massage class to teach this Saturday. I'm pretty excieted. I love teaching and hopefully I'll have a decent enough program to help my friends use easier body mechanics to get the same job done. Sandi has vission to re-introduce prayer massage. It seems people are interested in spiritual things and need a healthy place to go. Right on girl! So we need to pray about that and see what God has for us to offer.
Being home around my folks is nice to see how great my parents are. I get to join in the parent thing soon. Thats crazy enough but How fun it is to be part of God's gifts! July 22 suposed to be the EXCIETING Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Do you know what makes me really sad people that judge others. Grace is my name.
It has been interesting thinking about the postmodern church and what it really means to robby and I. Neither one of us have felt like God has called us out of what I would consider the traditional church. For us the "postmodern church" (which to me seems like a very big word for something so simple) Is people getting together to praise God to share life together what most people would call a small group. I have seen where the flexibilty in worshiping God can leave room for false doctrine but I have seen the same thing in a church that is so big no one is held accountable. I like being in a small enough group to be held accountable to truth. Maybe I do not understand the "postmodern movement" does anyone have any better definitions? Has anyone out there seen major doctrinal flaws in the "postmodern church" ?
Robby and I were really touched on sunday by the sermon that was preached. He was talking about the Father's heart and his mercy towards us.

Monday, February 09, 2004

We ended up going to the church that Jonathan and his family are helping to start. completely refreshing!
We felt the baby kick two days ago it was awsome but robby and I and the women that is really been praying for our baby all felt but did not talk about it till later that the baby was strugging with the cord. Since then I have been spending alot of time waiting for my baby to kick again. We have also started to read to the baby which is fun!

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