Thursday, February 05, 2004

We are home as of a week and a half ago. It was crazyness since getting home I had women calling the next day for child care Robby has had one car start leaking all its fluids another car be reposesed and then die and the last car still in the process of being a mess. I have since taken time to regain sanity.
Robby and I talked to a man named Jonathan from the community up in cincinnati. It was wonderful. I mean really great to hear what he had to say and be on the same page with someone who lives 20 minutes away instead of twenty hours. Plus his wife had both their children at home.
Robby ruth and my mom are the only people at the birth so far I am exctied to see how it turns out though Idealy I could find someone that wants to be a midwife and use my pregnancy as a teaching time and my birth as another number for them. I should put the add in the paper today. Does anyone know where I could send stuff to the Jonses family??

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