Thursday, January 22, 2004

It's a shame to be in the Hong Kong airport and have no conection to anyone in the city. This is the second time this trip we've had an 8 hour layover! One would think we are adventurous enough to get out there and EXPLOR! Well It looks grey out and a bit expencive so I really don't want to spend money to get lost. Not with my wife at the risk of missing our plane. So here we are wishing we had Dens phone number so we could have a clue here. Greatfully 8 hours isn't the reast of my life and we have cards a litle food and some hong kong dollars from our dear friend Charlene. Thankyou! Hopefully we get lunch or dinner wiuth it and we are set and ready to be back in AMERICA! So now at the end of our adventure I get to reflect on the joys of riding jeepnies, driving 5 inches from the guy beside me and playing basket ball down the street. The philipines was slow but good. A good friend encouraged my listening to God during this time and I can't say that I took full advatage of that. but I would say that I do feel a little more encouraged about listening and comunicating with God in general. Thanks for the encouragment.
as we were going Charlene and I sat down with a really stressed Hilary. She is in desperate need for a manager, and soon will really need midwives. The woman they had asked to come and manage is unavailable untill after summer. Charlene feels like God is calling her back to the states earlier then expected which is great for me ( She will be able to deliver our baby) but bad for hilary who is left short staffed in a already short staffed situation. We talked through all the options. Women that want midwifery experiance who have already done most of the book work or even some book work. women who are addicted to midwifery but for some reason are not able to practice where they are. If you are interested you can e-mail me. one thing to know up front though is that although you would see much more action then possible in the states you would not get as much of the "traditional" midwifery. But it oes not take much reading and research to pick that up.
As far as a manager goes Charlene and i really think that since the clinic is supposed to go completely to philipinos in a couple years, that one should be trained as a manager. The glitch in this idea is Hilary would be doing the training and she admits to haveing very few managerial skills. how do you train a manager? the hardest part would be staffing issues.
Hilary has a month befor Charlene leaves. My prayer is that this would bring the clinic solid under God's ownership, and that his pervision would bring him tons of glory.
i had a first today a woman at the store addressed me like I was pregnant and i was not even in a maternity shop.
It is chinese new year today which is exciting. we ended up not leaving the airport ehre in HK which is why I get to write.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

well we are on our way home tomorrow. Robby did another miraculous job packing and we are ready to be on our way. Charlene made us a leaving sloppy joe feast, it was really good. we played games and gave hugs goodbye.
I am hopeing for an awsome peace while we travel.
honestly I wrote a long blog befor i lost it and now I am not terribly motivatd to rewrite as I am tired. I did watch Ben hur today, that was an interesting experiance. A first for me. I had no idea it had anything to do with God.

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