Saturday, January 17, 2004

we arrived back in cebu safe and sound. traffic was amazingly bad due to a huge city wide festival. Imagine 35 minutes for 200 feet. Sometimes in High school the metro buses we would ride home would not have AC but you couldn't open the windows either so in the middle of june they would cram a bus wall to wall with highschoolers (insert smell factor) and hope you had a safe trip home. Our ride home through Cebu reminded me of that...
Bohol the island we went to was QUIET and amazingly refreshing to be around all that water. Robby and i went out with our little goggels to see what we could see and received a breath taking view. Tons of huge coral and electic colored fish. God makes cool stuff. The place we went even had a pool which was really refreshing.
The thing people always talk about in connection wih Bohol is the chocolate mountains. I do not know what the connection is to Chocolate but there are over 1500 little hills that pop up all over the center of Bohol. To fullfill our Bohol going experience we went with another couple on a 6 hour tour. We got to see the world's smallest money and hold him. Really soft fur and their feet were also really soft. They are only 10 cm. tall. The couple we went on the tour with tryed to convince the care taker to sell one to them as a pet. it didn't work out but if it had worked we would have been next in line. The Chocolate mountains were green which disapointed me a little. No chocolate was even sold on the premises. we got to see a couple other things but mostly it was great to hang out with a philipino couple all day. They are professionals from manila which is a crowd I have never hung out with. They had philipino pride and a lot of insight in to their culture it was great to hear their perspective.
Yet another reason I am glad that We have come back to cebu: I don't know what did it but being here has really reminded me who I am and shaken out the dust in areas of my self that i love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

quick note to let people in on where we are escaping to. As of this morining robby and I are island explorers we have had reccomendations to go to the island of Bohol and so off we go untill sat. afternoon The island is only an hour and a half away and aparently we will actually get to see water. Which we have not been able to do yet.
Sunday I have a 24hr shift so it will go fast then monday we buy gifts and then two days of trying to gather up stuff, doing that one last thing, saying goodbye to new and old friends and we fly home hopefully without any upset.
Did you know that in my experiance when you make time for God he is really right there wanting to make himself known. I mean He is ready. It suprises me every time.
For those of you who I said i was not showing hardly at all. well month four is here I am filling out quit nicely

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Learning some new things, like it is not actually illegal to be a midwife in Ohio. Yea that chages a few things. Listened to the little peas heart beat again the first time in the second trimester 160 bpm. Charlene Gaines has agreed to be my midwife we will fly her up from San antonio to do the birth. She has a few stipulations like I would have to find some place to dipstick my urine and check for anemia, but nothing that is impossible. I have asked my mom to be the one to actually catch the baby though. she was really excited about that.
Now I am trying to think of a perfect name to call a midwifery Biz. so that I can get into directories and such.

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