Wednesday, January 07, 2004

My heart has been called out of asia i am so glad that od has brought us here i would have spent the rest of my days thinking that God secreatly wanted me here when really he wants us someplace else entirly. it feels like someone blew a big fresh breath of air into all my dreams.
After tossing and turning over who will attend my birth seeing no options but knowing God wants the best for me, a midwife haveing a baby can get really specific. I think God has worked it out perfectly I can not say for sure, the women in question is praying about it to see what God votes in. She was my first choice, and hopefully will be my last! Robby of course feels like it is the most natural transition. which is always good. usually he will think the end result is alreay happening and will feel peace from day one. when i finally catch up, excited but out of breath, his relaxed attitude is right on time. A man of God.
The woman whose baby died decieded to deliver in the hospital.
You know the tales of the kingdom where everyone becomes who the truly are in the kingdom in the bonfire. yea well is it misuse of prophets to use them in a ring of fire situation where people are told who they truly are in the kingdom then given space to express that. what do you think.

Monday, January 05, 2004

WHEN a man desires a thing too much, he at once becomes ill at ease. A proud and avaricious man never rests, whereas he who is poor and humble of heart lives in a world of peace. An unmortified man is quickly tempted and overcome in small, trifling evils; his spirit is weak, in a measure carnal and inclined to sensual things; he can hardly abstain from earthly desires. Hence it makes him sad to forego them; he is quick to anger if reproved. Yet if he satisfies his desires, remorse of conscience overwhelms him because he followed his passions and they did not lead to the peace he sought.
True peace of heart, then, is found in resisting passions, not in satisfying them. There is no peace in the carnal man, in the man given to vain attractions, but there is peace in the fervent and spiritual man.
[From Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a' Kempis]
i love this tallskinnykiwi.typepad.com/ourdailyblog is where you can find good stuff like this - every day.
I've played basket ball with some of the kids and the 10 year olds are definatly more my level. for some reason i can't get the ball through the hoop. Every shot looks good and jumps out but thats just God laughing at my vanity for always wanting to be good. Yesturday we were at an import store and they had wine so i naturally thought of you my dear friend Mark. i'll have to get one for a special night with Grace. I wish the wine was as cheap as Spain. The kids are kids and thats fun they love me but what to do they always want candy and I don't know if its good or bad that I gave them some they always want money or candy. i look at them like what are you begging for?! They sometimes get it but they always travel in packs so that they don't really ever stop. You kind of just have to leave them and come again when their is less of them togther. I think I'll head back out there and see if i can work on my shot.

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