Friday, January 02, 2004

I wish I could have givent his in differnt order you are always supposed to give the bad news first and then the good news. yesturday during prenatal of which we had 45 an all time high, I did a prenatal on a woman whose baby had died within that last week. she is crushed and with my little pregnancy i only only imagine the depth of pain she is feeling. she is already 5 months along. It was a first for the clinic but thankfully a second for me, at least i had better knowledge. That is what i am thinking about. but also thinking about you all praying for you..

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

grace and the little pea here. Haveing no idea if or what my husband has written I would just like to ramble on a bit. We heard the babies heart beat which was awsome 180 beats per minute Dec 18th. it made the changes feel productive rather then unstopable. Cebu is wonderful. Everyone and everything has been made very festive for the holidays. fortunatly we are getting to see alot of cebu on jeepnees the most affordable and round about way to travel. yesturday we went down to Colon, the real downtown, you would not believe the amount of people that were surging around us. Combined with heat and overpowering car exhaust it was a challenging situation. we got our water bill payed though.
I went yesturday to try on pregnacy clothing at this really cute shop. note to self do not try on clothing when you are pregnant and want to feel good about your expnding belly and you are living in a culture half your size. it has the potential to be bad.
the other night we made a fish meal delux for our friend and neighbor charlene. it was amazing. robby did a wonderful job fixing a variety of fishs.
hopefully we will have a little fun today befor i start on the marathon 36 hour shift over the new years. which reminds me happy new years may you all think of really fantastic resolutions that you actually keep.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Check'n in to tell you little. Today was fantastic Grace was off work so we made plans to bus to a waterfall and pack a picknic. but it looked a bit rainy and grace wasn't feeling super; so we got to be together, sleep in air conditioning, take a late lunch and watch a movie with a friend. Yep that was our super day in the Philipines! quiet and together.

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