Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Hello hello!
We're doing good yonder here in the philipines. Grace just did a birth and is on call today in the clinic. I've been cruzing around riding jeepnies figuring out the city, not doing a whole lot but giving good input and hopfully prodding good change to the clinic. It's amazing how little their is to do here. Millions of kids content to sit do just that, and really what is there to do! Its interesting that simple games and sports encourage us to strive toward getting better and learn initativeso that when we get older jobs get done and we have pride about doing great! It's no wonder people get paid daily instead of hourly. noone values time!
i was talking to David Overton that lives here about some of his dream interpretation studies that he's gone through with somebody Jackson? i'm sure somebody knows him. Anyway it sounds great! Like some sort of teaching on listening to God. Thats the post modern church i want to be part of. Anyway life is good and hot on this side of the planet. Later later Robby

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I love being a servant midwife. It is amazing the things that God has used, these last two years while even though i have not been practicing, I have learned about being a better midwife. So far I have been reabsorbing cebano and taking vitals. Robby has been off exploring cebu, on his own. We are staying with Hilary and david the couple that started he clinic, they have so many wonderful stories it is hallarious listening to them. They are both such visionaries that it is also really inspiring. Thay both have been really hospitable. The clinic has suzi zoo painted on the walls. it realy is a joyfull place. should you wnat to know more abou the clinic check out www.gloryreborn.com for the scoop.

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