Friday, December 05, 2003

we are now in the Philipines and are super welcome! Grace has a few days before she jumps into the schedule. So were exploring cebu today and hanging out with Charline.= that makes for a great day. I'm still not sure what God wants to do with me but it is great to be with christians and remeber that Jesus she when he had time went off to be with his Father. so this might be Gods way of sticking me with Himself. I really have nothing else here and that will be good while I wait for more instruction. Being here is super exciting and scary knowing that were here for a while.
Please Pray that God gives me vission for His will and for Him. I really need to get passionate for things on His heart. It's taking me a while to get balanced with marriage and God. I need to keep praising God and Grace and keep myself whole at the same time. Grace says i'm not doing too bad,. but with her being pregnant I'm going to need alot more Jesus. Wow I make myself seem so stressed. WRONG IMMAGE! I'm doing great but do want prayer and that suport to keep it up! Vission vission vission thats what I want

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