Monday, October 27, 2003

Where should we have thanksgiving! This is Graces favorite holiday and we realy ought to have thanks giving planed on different days so we could travel accross the states celebrating the whole way!
lately I've been playing cars trying to earn money to get to the Philipines. We have yet to see God direct us to perfect buyers but that will come. hopefully all will be blessed though this endever. In the mean time I nead to learn to be more ambitious and advertise! I really might be good at this once I understood how or had expirence... I hope to teach a Thai massage class soon and that will be a piece of new fun for me.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I went to a job interview last week and the kim the lady interviewing me, had a picture of a friends placenta in her wallet. i can not begin to tell you how happy that made me. Sometimes i forget that I am a midwife if you get pregnant I am qualified to deliver your baby how in the world did I get so lucky. That is not at all what i have been thinking about lately but it is a pleasant thought. So have a pleasant day. But not to real or you might offend someone.

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