Monday, September 29, 2003

SLowly finding computers to update the blog.
We are home and have had a great time setting up our new place. Grace has been busy making our home look SO GOOD and I have been contiuing my random job cycle. massage still pays the bills but pulling down a shed here and cutting a tree there have been good entertainment along the way. Grace is looking into getting her nursing stuff finished and being a birth assistant or working on the OB floor at one of our local hospitals. We would love to keep her hands busy with the work she loves. God has been crazy good to us giving us what we enjoy and don't need (along with all that other stuff too). I picked up a Honda Magna 700cc Motor Cycle and a VW Passat So that our family of 3 (including Graces Sister now living with us) has transportaiton. and Fun with our bike! Were getting around and trying to keep up with my family here. Went to chicago last weekTo visited some relatives while this week my mom and Gradma are going to Florida to visit others for there 50th aniversary. So they are getting the real fun of travel right now. Savings are slim so were not planning anything HUGE in the moment but we ought to soon.
Steve, Mike, and Tracey are planing to visit us sometime Soon so come one come all to see our new two bedroom with plenty of floor space appt. (with lots of friends that would enjoy bunking you up if you'd rather have a bed). We Can't Wait To See You!

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