Monday, September 01, 2003

then we went to thailand and we had the most amazing time at a beach with Kit. She is our favorite Thai missionary. 4 days there and we managed to get a bit more massage biz and God had us all taken care of. Comeing home we got to hang out with my wild and hairy family. Then up to cincinnati, to our amazing apartment.
may I just take a moment to really emphasis the cload home. I thought we would come home to something that you get a friend to do grafiti on the walls for decor. But instead we have beautiful hard wood floors and perfect paint colors. Since we have two bedrooms my sister is staying with us for a bit.
i am telling everyone that I am going to be doing Birth attendant work. I don't really know how but it should be fantastic.
All in all I keep feeling like i should not be setteling down just because we have been traveling for so long. I think that it will be amazing when we are still here next week.
Nothing to exciting, but life sure is sweet...

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