Saturday, August 16, 2003

we will be in the USA in exactly 10 days -I am counting. Wabi Sabi has been great so far worship yesturday was amazing. My husband with the help of several made wonderful bread and made me a special heart shaped bread. We did a pilgramage through the jonses' house and had many fond memories. We had our first fish and chips which was incredible! I almost forgot the crazy bit- There are people fom Cincinnati here, a family, who have seen my father and laws chalk talk done, and who know the street names we talk about- It was a little shocking- but also amazing. We have not talked to them a whole lot yet but it is fun. It was fantastic to see pink cheeks and jason and I got to meet neil for the first time! Robby has some strong thoughts about them staying here till we go so we can see more of them. Fran and jen will be driving us all the way to stansted airport which is a huge gift. We are now reading the last of the trilogy by Philip Pullman. Which I need to geet back to.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I was talking to richard today. His profound thought for the day: You live in God's peace and then he gives you bells and whistels. Special things to decorate your christmas tree with. I completely agree with richard that when we live in faith that God's promises will be fullfilled we get good things.
Today robby and I read out loud two thirds of this amazing book.
my husband loves me and that is what is amazing

Monday, August 11, 2003

We received another one of those yucky phone calls again the kind where they say "Grace, I am afraid I have some bad news..." Looks like Granda Bowers went to be with Jesus yesturday. It sounds weird just to say that she is dead. Since i am not with my family it still feels like we could go home and she would be there to give hugs and tell us how much we have grown and how wonderful she thinks we are. I am so thankfull that robby and I did not wait till august to be married and that grandma was able to not only come to my wedding but do all my dress alterations. Death is still such a strange thing to me.
To do a little emotional avoidance yesturday Robby and i watched the movie changing Lanes. My faorite line was " At the end of the day i do more good then harm. What else do I have to live by?" A proper bad lawyer guy mentality. Compelling, it made me want to raise my hand, jump up and down and say I know- I know!
We only have a week and a half left in england and then it is the begining of the homeward treck. On the rainy english day we are hopeing to make some bread and work on Jen and Fran's wedding invitations. blessings...

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