Saturday, August 09, 2003

wonderful lady named joy was able to get robby some antibiotics and he is a new man!! no more fevers just a painfull kidney definite progress.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

my new hair do done by Erica. Abagail actually said "Wow your hair is really thick." I think that I am hooked for life to a new hair dresser.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

hey richard fixed everything on our blog he is amazing and if you get a chance to meet him you will be entertained for hours by all his cool gifts. I assure you the pleasure will be all yours. I am sitting here with him and mike- people that make you laugh really hard. a true joy.
I would like to clarify that it was not my first time caving- minor brain skip for robby. although first time or not it was seriously fun times!! Robby's fever broke (again) this afternoon- thank you for the prayers.
Robby and had the first grilled cheese in our marriage today. Somebody put a sticker on the calender this is a fantastic day.
I hope you are all speaking truth to your self and that you know what your 5 gifts are- i think it is sad if you can not say the 5 things right off the bat that God has made you good at.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Robby Cload Blogging again.
God has been super good to us here in shefield England. This has been one of our only places of fellowshiping with beleivers and just nice to be watching prayers get answered while living very broke. Grace already gave the report that God has provided some funds for us that were able to bless others with and shop for ourselves. Today I took a break from helping Fran put a new roof on his house. I had a fever and was sore from yesturday; taking all the slate and lattis off. So Mike and Fran are rebuilding a wall up there and putting some skylights in while I rest. Well two days ago we went caving with fran, Jenn and some of their friends. We had a great time sliding through the water sqeezing into new passage ways. Grace really got a taste of it being her first time. Fun times fun times
Straight fom the lap of luxury... or is it just the prescence of God? Robby and I are staying at Fran's house he is the lucky man marrying jen. We have a very comfortable futon we sleep on at night and (GASP) a door to our room that shuts. I am not kidding its called privacy ladies and gentalmen a beautiful thing!! We have been up here it seems like about a week and it has been fantastic. Let me tell you a few of the big things.
We got here to england and figured out from our mom in the states sending us info. that we had no money. Not like a little bit of money that could possibly squeak us through but no money. It was kind of nice actually. God took amazing care of us. He innocently went water skiing the other day and Steve the guy who took him knew everyone out on the lake. They are all crazy and have managed to aquire some injuries. In steps my amazing husband to give some Holy spirit healing. He said he left a trail of smiles. They want him to come back three more times this week. I got to go grocery shopping for real for the first time. You know plan meals and go bargain shoppping. All to say God is filthy rich and he gave me an incredible husband. What I learned through it though is that you have to trust God to fulfill his promises other wise you miss out on the joy and peace in the waiting.
Secoundly Abagail loaned me a book called Beyond the Veil written by alice smith. It is a book written to inspire and facilitate intercessory prayer, something I had felt like God wanted to see me doing. The book has answered a lot of questions about physical burdens I feel for no reason. A call to prayer. As I have answered that call to prayer in the last week I have seen God faithfull to resond and completely patient with my unknowing. A mercifull God. It has been blowing my mind.
oh yea and we went caving. a three hour treck thru a hidden land. I have never worked my muscles so hard in my entire life. It reminded me of labor. It is something that after time has passed you can't wait to do again but right afterwards you think that a repeat performance would be the worst thing ever. we went with 4 other people Jen and Fran included. another instance of their incredible hospitality.
Robby has been offically getting sick on and off now for over a week. This is definatly a record for him
it is weird to think that we are going to be going home really soon.
much love to all,

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