Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The night ended up getting more exciting but in a sort of sketchy way. We walked around downtown barcelona for a bit and ended up in a park. exhausted we crashed on the grass and did not wake up untill around 4am a couple guys started riffeling through our bag. Thankfully God was really watching out for us. although all of our important things were strewn in the grass nothing was taken not the visa not the passports nothing. Just that God woke us up and the guys just walked off like nothing had happened. Just a slumber party in the park.
We managed to make it to England and are now camping outside of london. All in one piece and glad to be able to have showers and a place for robby to feel batter. he got over 100degress fevers and a uti. Such fun and games we have had. I tell you what though I have become so much more thankfull for plain jane stuff. London is great we have gone to a lot of the free museums and art gallarys. Plus tried all the delicious food. one nice thing here is that at night time in the super markets they have a clearence section for perishable foods. Last time I was in London I was comeing from Bulgaria where the water had been shut off for a week or so. It was wonderfull to get a shower and rest. This time around has been the same, except 20x better. I keep thinking of all the little things that I want to tell you. Like when we first got in we could not find the campsight so we slept under this tree. It was in this big feild of tall grass, it was breezy, perfect. the rain held out all night and then soflty came so we had enough time to throw our stuff in the bag. Everyone we met gave really bad directions but they were super sweet about it, which I would much more prefer. Upon arriving at the campsight debbie had these little pancakes with double cream and jam on them. Then for my desperatly grungy body she had all these samples from Lush. ( a handmade soapie sort of store- excellent) makes the skin happy. It is the little things that make life grand. It has been really good to reconnect with God, something I should have done during alll the fuss rather then afterwards.
Thank you for all of the encouragement I have felt spoiled by it. We are going up north tomorrow. thats all...

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