Wednesday, July 23, 2003

well we were in the wrong city for our flight to england I might have the energy to tell you the whole dramatic story later but right now I am really tired. in breif we were supposed to fly out of girona airport we spent three hours taking every possible type of public transportation literally running thru barcelona desperatly trying to catch our flight. Only to find out that in the end it is not possible to get to that aiport past 6pm and that there is definatly two aipports in barcelona and we ended up at the wrong one. We found this out at about 1opm an hour after our non refundable airplane ticket left. We would like to come/go home now but since it is cheaper to fly to england we will try to go there. Tomorrow we will check and see what we could figure out. I am really glad to be with robby and I have not even gotten handcuffed to any more doors. so definatly it could be worse. much love to all

Monday, July 21, 2003

My husband is full of wonderful and creative ways to make life more interesting. Yesturday while we were walking in Burgos, he found a zip tie. (A seemingly harmless piece of plastic.) He said "Grace how about we handcuff you to something with this zip tie" I said "O.k." Robby said "really?!" " Sure I don´t mind. We don´t have anything better to do" robby mentioned that finding some shade would be good; I am trying to think of what cool trick robby knows to get people un-cuffed from zip ties. We managed to find a door handel in the shade no problem. He zips me to it. I get a little nervous right away because I hate the feeling of tight things on my wrist! It is tight but thankfully further up on my arm so that i can slide my arm up to make it looser on my wrist. He asks me if he should sinch it a bit tighter. I say NO and look up at him expecting some sort of magic trick. He looks at me grinning sheepishly, and steps back. i say "robby how do I get out of this?!" amazingly enough, he has no idea. Excited now he says "These are what the police use to handcuff people with in the states." I begin to franically pull at my wrist twisting it into new found shapes trying to get it out. Gratefully I had stoped him from pulling it to tight and was able to contort my wrist out. He assured me later that if I had gotten stuck he could have gotten a knife and cut me free. I did not feel better knowing this. In fact i still do not understand what made him think that was a fun way to spend the afternoon. I may never understand...

Sunday, July 20, 2003

The last couple of days we have been walking the trail backwards and waiting for spainish publc transportation. We loved the walking, very confusing for all the weary pilgrams walking the correct way. we ended up missing the bus which was good. Since we missed our bus to burgos it gave Jess a chance to think about geting back on the trail. so this morining she left us to start walking again. She is amazing. We on the other hand have a whole differnt direction. we are slowly making our way to Barcelona to catch a flight wensday night to go to england we will be there for a month. cut and dry that is the way the cookie crumbled. Robby almost killed the fly.
My mom was praying with me the other day and she said something that I thought was really good. She was taslking about getting caught up in the little details and she was hopeing that I wouls see from the tall sheperds perspective. Then while walking we saw the sheperds with their sheep. God must be really big to hold one of those things because sheep are not small.
Happy birthday to my sister anna who is amazing...

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