Wednesday, July 16, 2003

wahoo I got the robby sign in name to work now you can easily see who is writing

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

robby is blogging at the same time as me it will be funny to see what we both come up with living in the same space. This morning I went out to get some time alone (something I do not do enough of) It was beautiful there was a creamy fog covering everything in front of me. As I walked along the river in Burgos the sun rose siloetting the trees. Not to be out done by the trees in their praise, a parade of singing people came around the bend with monks leading the way. One thing after another. I have started crocheting again, something I love to do. after stalling for a couple of days we meet up with jess. The last person besides us left from our 16 people group.
I have been thinking a lot about Mark a dear friend of my husband. Hopefully we will get to call him today. The fun thin here is that phones are very picky about which phone cards they will use. A beautiful thing about spain is that just like it says in psalms the sparrows are swooping all around the churchs. It is cool to read it and then see it. Plus buildings are really really old.
Much love to all. Hopefully we will be able to get up to england in the next couple of weeks.
Taking a treck sure is a good way to grow a marriage!
We┬┤ve just walked accross Spain doing the camino De Santiago and had a addventure meeting up with friends and loosing them! It appears that when we went to madrid to visit Ruth eveyone left for England and Burlin! So we found Jessica and are just hanging around these cool old towns seeing the countryside of Spain. We just came from Burgos and got to enjoy the huge cathedral there! It was amazing but the parks are just as fun. We have noticed that churches that seem to be blessed have swallows all around them just like the bible says and others that are more like musems are dull and empty except for the tourists. Thats kinda fun. So off to find new places of worship that have been blessed as gathering places of worship for ages, like even 1000 years old... Amazing for sure! Its a good time here in Spain

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