Friday, July 11, 2003

We have temperarily left the Camino de Santioago to visit Graces sister Ruth who has just left for Italy. It has been a fantastic intermission from the trail. Ruth is doing quite well traveling the world with No money! I thought we were busting a move but seriously! has it down; traveling with friends bustin out new styles; they are doin lookin good.
So were enjoying the airconditioning and transition of this to the trail. We´ve meet great people. One shop keeper gave us some chips and crasonts and pointed the way to a decent hostle. Shes been good to us, and strolling through parks meeting the people critsizing the lame fords in America and super veriouty here!! What! The decent clothing styles here have been giving my wife all kinds of ideas of being a seamstress. She´s drawing styles down to bring back home. Madrids been good to us; nearly took our stuff but you know

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

We have steped of the trail for a coupe of days to see my sister ruth in madrid. Robby has a cold, so his usually deep voice is ranging from basement deep to attic high. He thinks that it was a sick person that came up with the voice for Scooby do. You never know.
Pilgramaging is good-hard and life changing. About 20klm a day is a average. Most of the group very quickly got blisters and a lot of them started sick. It has been a beautiful look and God carrying people through. The old villages and vast landscap is incredible. While walking most towns have little stamps that they put in your pilgram "passport". Each one is unique.
One really fun thing we saw yesturday was a fountain of wine. Turn the spout and out comes red wine. A winery put it up just for the pilgrames. Very fun idea. Besides free wine the trail also gives you a huge appretiation for hospitality and servant hearted people. It has been great to walk with christians.
Madrid is huge we spent the morining trying to find our way through public transport. I love the little tourist booth people that are so extremely helpfull.
One last thing, I did my first thai foot massage. It was so great, refreshing to be able to give. Affirming to be encouraged whiile doing so.

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