Tuesday, July 01, 2003

hey folks iiit´´ss ROBBY!!!! just wanted to get on and find out what all my incredable wife has journeied ya´ll through, and yes it looks good. I´´ll do my own redition. Spain is only great because were walking through towns that are 2ooo years old!!! Its amazing and they still have crazy soltural things like running through town with bulls chasing you! we hopeing to be comming back this way to experience it in full! that should be exillerating! Ok backtracking we were just in barsalona and that was fantastic! Goudi´s cathedral is ammazing and definately full of praise to Our awsome God! from colorfull musaics to huge carved larger then life stories of Christ living and dieing for us. SO GOOD! Yes the spaish thing still hasn´´t come to me but it sure is fun to get in those perdicaments. Now funny stories we keep haveing meet up times with our friends adn as we explore the city????? HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK WE GOT MIXED UP IN A GUY PARADE!! We turn the corner and were hopeing to find internet to reach ya´´ll and the streets are packed and the music is thumping and theirs heaps of something in the air, is it love?Ha so crazy! anyway we made our way through the crowd to a side street where we could find YOU! >God sure does set up funny things along our way. We slept on the beach a few nights and then found out that leaving the gear at the camp site sure cost something! it was like 14 plus Dollars a night! Not so bad except the guy told me it was $8. anyway definatly cheaper then the $30. per person hostles! and hotels! shoud we go their!!!! 150 euro´s! So 14 wasn´t so bad.
Well now were about to head on thuis pilgramage with our friends from praag and Texas. I ´m still not so sure about this whole walking thing but we´ll see. It is pretty cool doing thins with Graceand we will take our time. were praying that God would guide us to stop and go at the right times and would just grow more attentive to him through it all. This looks ok my wife sure is great! So make sure to thank her for being your updater. We miss yall in >Cinci and fi8nd funny things that remind us of ya´´ll like today I just saw a shirt that said chuck only and something else but it was faded and naturally Jason Beckjord came into mind. Oh and we just found a super steal. in the garbage here. got another tea set for >Grace and I got a big nice leather coat but it tooo huge and what too much to carry so >I left it but took a pair of jeans and hat that has San Miguet written on it. which is a good local beer. anyway >God is looking out for us and it´s great! Heaps of love from here I´´m checkin out and the Robster is GOOOONNE!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Did you know that menthol cigeretes crystalize your lungs. Major bummer
I hope people are honest about their relationships. Take stock and see where things are really at. I talk to girls and I wonder if they are seeing the truth about the boy that they are with. I then ramble over to think about God relationship and it seems harder to take stock with that. But I think it is good to know where the gaps are and where I am not living up to the full potential
I was reading galations 4 this moring about how we have the inheritance of God through Christ. In the bible I was reading the study notes only talked about the suffering of Christ We all know that but who has the faith for some good stuff. God loves me and no kill joy can convince me that he does not love to give me good things. He is my dad and dads are the ones who dole out the chocolate cake. So today I am enjoying my chocolate cake from God

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