Saturday, June 28, 2003

Ecc. 9 Tells of the danger of meaninglessness and in youth to remember our creater. God has really made himself amazing and too tricky to fully grasp! But that isn´t necesary or he would have made it posible. I get to walk with all sound dim and live in my head. Quietness makes me sollum and the little things have an effect on everyone. >I wonder how many little things i could say to make a big effect on all people. My wife is a great listener and attentive to both the things I say and don´t. I could only hope that everyone has a friend that would share these things with them. Thankyou God for her.
Robby and I just finished walking in our very first Gay pride parade. We are all hooked up with the pilgrames and are bopping about in spain for a few days to let the last few people arrive. We are at the moment camping by the beach. It has been a big if not hard transition for me to go from thailand to Spain. I still do not fully undersatnd why but I have not been a happy camper. I think a lot of it has to do with satan and just feeling like God´s hand is farther away. I think that it has something to do witht he transition I am making in trying to figure out WHY I believe what I do. It makes God more of a speciman then my friend. It is Excellent and good to process but not fun. I would much rather be in happy emotions. One thing that has been amazing besides my husband is how many people books and situations God has used to speak to me.
In thinking about what I really wanted to get out of this pilgramage I think three things¨One is unity with God like full-self unity with God the next is unity with my husband and then the third is that I could throw off all that hinders the walk with Christ that I yearn for. I want to undertand better what unity with my husband is really suposed to look like.
Robby´s ears have gotten really clogged since being here and we can not find ear candels any where. that would be a great thing to pray for that robby would be able to hear soon.
chow baby

Sunday, June 22, 2003

We have safetly arrived in spain. Our last few days in Thailand were amazing, mostly thanks to a missionary there who not only gave us a beautiful day in massive bangkok but laughed with us and shared her life with us. Things like this are priceless.
Barcelona is interesting I have been here for an hour so at the moment all I can say is it is nice that we bought a water and can now use free internet.
Here is something I have learned about marriage when complaints arise if you find the most romantic aspect about the situation (even if you just say "this is so romantic") kissing quickly results and unity is built.
Oh yes and flying through turkey was great. We would like to go back and actually be in turkey, maybe we will extend our lay over on the way back. Probably not though we have not been to any beaches in thailand and my husband is definatly feeling the pull. But for now non of this is important we meet up with Shannon Erica Tk Jessica ( I saw someone that looked like jessica today and it gives me this feeling that jessica seems very much like royalty) And the jonses.
Around the world we go,,,,Arolidthe world we go... Hi-ho the merrio Around the world we go...

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