Friday, June 20, 2003

We Got Tickets!!!! off to spain we go! God willing our reunion with many of you will be soon! That will be fantastic. So here we are in Bankok just enjoying our late noticed last monents. For our 2 month aniversary we went to an Indian returant with some mango wine from Chang Mai. (such fun moments.) The store owner gave Robby a key chain and me a bookmark. It was definatly one of the best times here. We are actually staying in something similar to "little china" except it is little india. Thankyou to those who have been praying for our tickets, it has been exciting to see God work everything out so well. chow- Robby/grace

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I hate getting jealous such an ugly habit
good to know that u are reading this. We almost bought tickets to go to spain today. Unfortunatly like countless times something at the last moment prevented it. I am glad that our prospective tickets cotinue to improve as we wait and look forward to seeing what God has for us. What a faithful God he has already answered 3 of my prayer requests for this month and with the month not over I look forward to how many more I get to boast about. both safe and sound and satiated after a much needed icecream trip.. till the next time...

Monday, June 16, 2003

We have fun adventures!! We have just finished up a two week course on Thai massage and Thai foot massage. We both passed the course, In the end we both ended up doing well and happy that we had taken the course. I think that one of the best parts though was getting to hang out with 30 other people from all over the world. Such a fantastic variety. We started to go to dance/aerobic classes with one of the girls from our class. There was a european film festival going on so we saw several random movies.
Right after the course we took our little bike through the mountains on a 5 hour journey to Chaing Rai. Along the way we caught up with a biker group going up to chaing rai to robby's delight we got to ride with theese big bikes for like an hour and then eat lunch with them. They were fantastic to us. A really neat group that takes blankets up to the hill tribes, and goes riding like once a month.
We did a border run to Bherma and bought electronics for much to cheap. Came back to chaing rai and found a teakwood european style guest house which has the best porridge on earth. Plus a clean, beautiful bath room which I had been praying for. The floot is white tile and then the walls are made of rocks. The mirror has carved wood all around it. Just all together lovely. Oh yea it even has heated water.
Yesturday we went up north east to Masalong a city thriving on tea production and these cool cups and saucers which enhance the smell of the tea. A very cool process which I hope I can show you all. To get back to chaing rai we took our little bike down some very windy steep up and down mountains. On some of them robby was putting his knees on the front of the bike to stay on.
We went to some hotsprings where instead of soaking, you hard boil eggs in loosly woven baskets. We had quail and regular fresh eggs they were delicious.
This is, in very short, our last two weeks. We saw the talented mr ripley which I was traumatized by. We started to learn some french which we decied is a very good idea for the next two years. so far we can ask- how you are doing and say 'hello sweetie". Both of which we find very impotant to our French vocabulary.
Robbys on! I would love to say that the last few days have been quite nice. Were still discovering new places and people and could be here quite a while before really knowing Thailand. The people we meet are so much fun. travlers from everywhere and people who regularly see us frangs as they call us. Everyone has quite the story and way of life. Perspective for today is finding out what we do habitually and see what that looks like to others. It would be interseting to see what people think of us travleing the world with little cares guiding our way, or the begger children who don't eat the chocolate we give them but first hold each other in a somber sweet way back to their parents or who ever they're used to giving their finding too. Or the ladys that dress up in "cusumary " dress to sell their goods. riping most people off but needy the same of earning a living! We all do our thing living where God places us and how funny we look in the mean time.

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