Friday, May 30, 2003

This is the story of grace and the mean steel gate:
Our motor bike previously mentioned has been perfect for getting around and figuring out life in Chaing Mai. Although robby has given me a little bit of instructions on how to driv, he is the driver and I am the one that remebers how to get places. A system that works out really well for both of us. We stay in one piece and we get to where we want to go. But what good is a system unless it can be tested and still be the best. This is where grace drives the bike....alone.
I hop on the bike and due to an amazing amount of concentration I shift gears, I go up a little dirt hill, and I get onto the street all with no problem. But once on the street I was forced to turn or end up driving straight into a steel gate. I might have been able to make the turn no problem except I hate the thought of slidding out on a bike and i had been going kinda fast to get up the hill. What I really wanted to do was stop the bike only I totally blanked on how to stop the bike so i did a few other counter-productive things like give the bike some more gas and lift up my feet but all to no avail. The steel gate hit my bike. I got up feeling very bruised and shakey, but all in one piece. Thankfully there was a guy like 25 feet away that I had met in church on sunday and he helped me along with another guy to call for robby and get the bike up. Then God did a really great thing: The only place on the street was a bike shop they fixed our bike for a doller and were fantastic.
My beloved Robby still can not understand how I managed to... well you know it is a little silly. He loves me dearly and just shakes his head and laughes when the story is retold. Much love to all...

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