Saturday, May 24, 2003

Good Morining all, it is a beautiful day here in Thailand the sky is crystal blue with little tiny puffs in the air and it is not burning hot. Fishing was crazy the group caught these massive fish robby will tell you all about it but befor I give the board over to him if any one talks to my mom could you please tell her to check her e-mail and that I love her, Thank you!!!
Good Morning Veitnam! It's a fine morning outside here about 1000'deg. as usual, and Oh so delighitful! It's monsune season and Lord when is it going to rain! We love it here daily finding new folks moving in. Everyone wants to be here! Actually thats why we e-mail just to get out of the heat. NoNo I'm joking it may be hot but not too bad and my wife makes it pretty darn nice regardless of anything else though it is very beautiful. I'm wondering if anyone has any conentions to getting cheap air fare. We would still like to make it up to Praag to do the pilgramage to Itally. Grace just fine tuned my stars this morning and its always nice to turn them heads with a fantsatic view.
We went fishing yesturday with a local friend here and Grace and I nearly fell asleep; NONo we saw the biggest fish! These Fish were like cat fish but clean with out tenticals and ugly. Just pretty huge fish. You know at least 20 LB's. The guys were all sad that we didn't catch the big one. Oh the disapointment! Golly I'm glad I've been fishing with dad so that I could say that I've seen a fish near that size. Only dad catches Salmon that are So Good! Yeah that would be anopther thing I miss here. That is strickly my falt though. I'm sure the fish at the street markets are superb. It's just abit tricky to get over something cooked whole and brown... WEe just had a fantastic brunch. Chicken bagel sandwich with all the makings and fried potato slivers with coal slaw for $1.50 american. SO GOOD! Well I hope to run off and get a $4. massage; apparerntly the best in town! We've got to celabrate our 1 month aniversary, Yippy! Well off to our fun and exploring; were on to another dayĆ£

Friday, May 23, 2003

This is the thing I take God's plans and then make it my plan. I do not think that my plan is flexible and I often cling to the plan.. it was a good one, God hisself gave it to me I am obviosly ready to make a few very minor changes seeing as how I am the holder of the plan. then it falls apart and me and my other half are left in a funk. repeat cycle untill I realize that God just wants to be with me and maybe it is best to hold the plan not control the plan.
I woke up this moring really wanting to know what God had for us,after praying with the man I really felt like we should go down south. I thought this was a very good idea (repeat above mentioned cycle) and now I am refocusing on Christ and begining to run again
So tonight we are going fishing with a thai man (I am sorry I forget his name). Robby befriended him at the travel agency a couple of days ago.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

It is hard to imagine that this is what some missionaries do just drop into a country and try to land some where and hopefully on their feet. I have not decieded what is better to drop in knowing nothing and go from there or to have a base set and then move out from there. I think as far as getting an authentic picture for the culture droping is best- but for productiveness at least on the short end of things a base is best. But long term if you know the culture and there for know the people in the culture droping is way better.
We have pretty much gone through our list of connections, and are slowly making new ones.

we went to the night market last night it was great! Massive market with stalls lining block after block. We saw this coal painted picture of hands holding a premie baby it was so amazing that both robby and i stoped and stared and stared. The afordable smaller versions were not as good so we decieded to remeber it in our hearts. It as incredible-every midwives dream picture. Even robby thought the picture was very "touching, pulled you in".
Amy and adiah happy almost birthday...

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

it just ate the blog
We are in chiang mai we rent a motor bike for 3 dollers a day we have lots of fun. we just finished reading the golden compass it was amazing. We are loking forard to book two and three! I look very cute in my new glasses. o.k. lets see if it will eat another one...

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