Friday, May 16, 2003

I have such a modest husban
I have such a modest wife
i would just like to add that we are celbrating robbys birthday till august and that his pack is 3 times bigger and heavier then mine.
Traveling married= Crazy stuff! Were in Thailand and first pattaya was rediculous! The sex capital of the word. Not much to see but heaps to pray for. We spent two nights there but still didn't have a handle on traveling. were still thinking about downsizing our supplies. Packing for thailand and Europe was a heavey endevour so maybe we can mail stuff up north or just send my camping stuff home. So far its' been very warm and quite humid but not rainy. So we should be good without all that.
Bangkok is pretty cool we took a boat taxi too the city and that was our highlight for yesturday. everything was so beautiful! The temples all golden adn the christmas lights in the trees with a great cool breaze made for a great end of the packing day. I think I bout killed Grace giving her the pack with tenting gear... I think today will be Thai massage day! Hopefully that will make up for that and get us rolling on toward Chaing mai. Traveling here is great on the pocket book! Soda or pinaple for a quarter! Were really making out with the fruit prices. I think it took us two days to get a real meal. mangosteen, leaches, mangos and all kinds of super fruit. Well it's 9:30 and about time to start the day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

We are in Japan we are excited a bit tired but God has set us up with more people (an OM team that is planning on working with prostitutes...) I just hope we end up with the right people. Charlene just sent me a possible oppurtunity for using my midwifery I am very excited and hope that it pans out. Thank you to all that sent marriage blessings that was amazing. Feeling loved from around the world is a great feeling. They had really bad movies on the plane but it was great to be able to sit there and laugh at them with Robby. We had vegetarian and Kosher meals on the plane something that I had arranged when we bought the tickets. I now know that airline food is at one level and kosher airline food is at a whole differnt level. As in never again

Monday, May 12, 2003

I love being married to my favorite person in the whole world he shows me God's love all of the time
andy thank you for writeing and concuring that that marriage is not cloud nine and people that make it out to be are lieing.
we leave for thailand tomorrow wedding party tonight i want to make a birthaday cake to cause it is robby's birthday in like two days.
the thing is about getting married is that you get to share alot of stuff God reminds me often to stop what I am thinking or doing and share it with robby.
Shannon read the wedding story with us from John two last night I love that shannon is constantly bring the focus to God it was definatly one of my favorite things about her when we first met. Any ways The couple thoughts that I came away with is that God is at weddings and that he supports them and that He is glorified there. Plus moms see your potential and can bring that out of you. a good mother day thought. We drank our special australian wine from my sister last night it was fizzy red wine bubbles and everything. Ruthie brought it home for our wedding which was super special. I just need to share with you one last thing that I love every time nathan sings the mormon kids songs oh man it is so funny.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Traveling in tandon means Double Holy Spirit Power! We are So exceited to be married and travel across the states visiting all are friends! So far God's blessed our time and finances so that we've been able to stay at the International House of prayer 4 days and meet people that are going to Thailand, in Colorado a few days with my Super friends Ryan and Elisha Whitten; where I got to help build a deck and take a run down the road on a mountain board. (just long enough for me to crash leaving a gash exposing my tendon! eww- but super fun!) Now in Austin at Shannon's with all our Texan friends were celebrating being married and heading for Thailand on Tuesday! So Much Fun!!! We'll be gone until the end of Aug. and Then we get to come home completely Broke; whoawhoo! Good plans ahead were looking forward to blogging throughout our time to see where God leads us and how He supplies. He will supply all our needs according to His riches and glory Philipians 4:19; Hes been and will keep on. So keep on praying for us that we'll be attentive to God and not just protected but RADIANT of Jesus giving us vission of His oppertunities; that our will would be His. Thankyou for all your prayers and blessings we've been feeling them, Thankyou thankyou!
We are here at Shannon's before we zip off to Thailand now was the time to start a blog. "

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